Inspired by events at the first Australian Penny Arcade Expo (PAXAus) Infinity Amusements (InfinityVR) started as a husband and wife team in 2013.

When Samsung Australia needed somebody to create a VR experience for the announcement of the GearVR – they came to us.

Since then we’ve worked with some of the world’s biggest brands to provide their audience with unforgettable VR experiences.

Virtual Reality Equipment Hire - Melbourne Metro

We offer short term equipment hire to Corporate, Education, Non-Profit, Indie Developers and Private Individuals.

Virtual Cinema, Pop-Up Arcades, Birthday Parties, School Fetes.

Rates start from just $33 per day*
(Including GST)

Email us at for more information.

Samsung Gear 360 (Version 1)
Samsung Gear VR

Oculus Go**
VR Cinema
Oculus Quest**

Samsung Gear 360 (Version 2)
Samsung Gear VR
Oculus Rift CV1

**FaceBook account required
*Refundable deposit required

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